Medal of Honor(2010) Multiplayer

Having recently bought Medal of Honor(2010), I thought I would share my thoughts on it.
Visually the game is awesome.  The designers showed great attention to details, from pallets and loose boards lying around, to garbage floating around in the wind.  Some but not all of the environment is destructible, which is very cool.  All in all a very beautiful game.
The game play is very fast paced, what I call “twitchy”.  It includes the normal game types sector control, deathmatch, objective raid, and the progressive combat mission. You can play as the rifleman, special ops, or sniper, and each class has its own series of guns and gear for you to unlock as you rank up. Success in a match not only helps you rank up, but it can also earn you powerful offensive or defensive support actions, like mortar strikes, enhanced body armor, unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance, and radar jamming. All of your abilities and assets remain strictly within the realm of realism, meaning you will always hear the footsteps of an enemy running up behind you, and you can’t revive your bullet-ridden teammates. Coming from a long relationship with Battlefield 2 MOH feels like everything is running in fast forward. I have learned that my reflexes are nowhere near as good as they used to be and that getting old sucks.
All in all I find MOH to be a very good game to play that looks absolutely beautiful, and is a lot of fun to play.

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